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Introducing EGAPA

First of its kind

Air OK `s novel patented filter technology. EGAPA (effective granular adsorption particulate arrester) works on sorption process. It’s a uni filter with dual stratified filter technology.

With a 2 years of ground reality research and development EGAPA filters were made into a hexagonal dual stratified filtering technology with a high mass transfer zone

IT has a capability of filtering pollutants like particulates up to 0.3 microns along with VOC`s, Acidic and Basic pollutants, Formaldehydes, Allergens, Molds, Air Borne bacteria, Pet dander’s

Easy to use and replace filters, it's balance of power and quality is what makes AirOk the most effective

Designed for Comfort

The purifier is designed by modelling the dispersion of indoor air pollutants considering the air flow dynamics and energy efficiency the air intake and exhaust slits were designed at a 45 degree inclination to achieve airflow pattern with maximum efficiency

Friendly user interface

Real Time Pollution monitoring

Filter Life

Fan Speed


Real-time usage monitoring

All filters lose effectiveness over time and must be replaced promptly. Filters not replaced on time may not be able to block harmful substances or may cause secondary contamination. Contrary to what others may advertise, cleaning old filters with water or a vacuum cleaner does not guarantee that the filter will regain its effectiveness. We recommend you change filters every 10 months or less, depending on your usage. Use the AirOk Home app to monitor filter lifespan and receive notification reminders when your filter needs replacing and you will be having filer life indicator on the top of the purifier.

Works Smart

Monitor your work space Air quality in real time from anywhere when you sync with AirOk App.

Control the AirOK Air purifier remotely and watch how air is being purified. Switch on to auto mode which automates the air purifier based on the concentration s of pollutants.