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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in industrial sector is the subject of much attention thesed days.The air quality of the indoor environmetn can be profiundly affect the healt, comfort and the productivity of industry related occupants. Although serious health problems related to IAQ are rare, the perception of endangered health is increasingly common among building occupants

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Over 70% of a pupil's school life is spent inside a classroom, and indoor air quality has a significant impact on student's attendance and learning potential. Therefore the indoor air quality in primary school buildings and other institutional buildings in highly important.

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More than any other place, installation of Air urifiers is essential in healthcare sector. The complex healthcare environment requires special attention to ensure healthy indoor air quality to protect patients and healthcare workers against hospital acquired infections and occupational diseases

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Applications o Air purifiers in the hospitality sector is gaining popularity, it faces many IAQ challenges from dealing with the disparate needs of living quarters, ballroom, food preparation, laundry facilities, and indoor pools, to the difficulty of accommodating both smokers and non-smokers.

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